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how everyone can be more challenger

What makes a challenger mindset?

  • Authentic Identity

    Possess a strong sense of identity anchored in your values. Be authentically yourself in every situation, and use your identity to help make life choices.

  • Ambitious Purpose

    Have a clear purpose that drives your actions and fuels the pursuit of ambitious goals. Be inspired by the difference you can make in the lives of others.

  • Question Everything

    Be persistently curious. Break free of habitual thinking by asking intelligently naive questions until you find a better solution.

  • Agile Inventiveness

    Turn even the most unreasonable limitations into sources of possibility and advantage. Learn how to access resources in inventive ways.

  • Optimistic Grit

    There are no straight lines to success. Don't become deterred by the ambiguity and frustrations of everyday life - sustain your tenacity with a positive outlook.

  • Inspire Others

    The ability to link your objective to strong emotions and motivations. Find the most compelling way to make other people feel the same way as you do.

Inspire the challenger in everyone

The Challenger ID: Foundations program will introduce you and your team to the challenger traits, help you relate them to your own work situation, and give you practical ways to assess and strengthen your own challenger profile.