How can we all Be More Challenger?

It's no news that we're in a tumultuous, business unusual landscape, full of change. But are you finding it difficult to adapt?

Are you…

  • Feeling just a little worn out, and looking for new ways to re-kindle your energy and enthusiasm?
  • Under pressure to hit bigger targets with less budget (bonus point if you're also under time constraint)?
  • Feeling that you and your team need to be disruptive to survive but find it difficult to inspire others to join you?

We all need to be bold enough to think differently, to throw out our ingrained habits, and face the future with optimism and resilience. The 'Be more Challenger' course brings together the best of self-directed online learning with the chance to interact directly with eatbigfish personnel. This blended-learning experience will provide you with new ways of thinking and practical hints and tips to help you change the way you tackle obstacles and find more opportunities in life and work.

The Challenger Experts

Learn from those who know how to put the challenger mindset into practice

Partner, eatbigfish

Hugh Derrick

Hugh is the driving force behind Challenger ID. He has over 20 years of experience helping teams in global businesses including HSBC, LVMH and Coca-Cola ‘do more with less’ and grow by adopting a challenger approach and mindset.

Partner, eatbigfish

Mark Barden

Mark Barden is an author, executive coach and Partner at eatbigfish. In his career he's worked closely with leaders and teams in challenger companies like Playstation, Nike, Lululemon, and Charles Schwab. He's an expert in helping challenger individuals create the right conditions for them to thrive.

Strategy Director, eatbigfish

Zoe Zambakides

Zoe is an experienced challenger consultant who counsels leaders across the globe in how to get unstuck and make their decisions actually stick, by seeing the invisible forces shaping their behaviour.

Course starts in...

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An interactive and immersive course

A program of online learning and live sessions over 2 weeks

  • Online learning

    9 modules of self-directed online learning. Understand the concept and benefit of a challenger mindset and explore the key personal traits that lie at its heart through explanatory videos and interactive tasks.

  • Live Discussion Sessions

    Group sessions to help you internalize the challenger mindset at a deeper level. Explore what it will take for you to embrace new attitudes and behaviors to thrive.

  • Advanced webinars and further reading

    Hear from the experts in Challenger thinking. Go deeper on individual traits and develop your confidence in approaching challenges and forging your own path to success.

Course Schedule

All live sessions are delivered through Zoom. Webinars are recorded for those who cannot attend live.

Week 1 - Challenger Foundations


Online course materials go live - available for self-directed learning for 2 months.

WEBINAR - Introduction  to the Challenger Mindset with Hugh Derrick

09.00-10.00 PST (17.00-18.00 GMT)


DISCUSSION - Optional drop-in session led by eatbigfish

09.00-10.00 PST (17.00-18.00 GMT)


DISCUSSION - Optional drop-in session led by eatbigfish

09.00-10.00 PST (17.00-18.00 GMT)

Week 2 - Being More Challenger


WEBINAR - See Differently with Zoe Zambakides

09.00-10.00 PST (17.00-18.00 GMT)


WEBINAR - Finding Flow with Mark Barden

09.00-10.00 PST (17.00-18.00 GMT)


WEBINAR - Necessary Piracy with Hugh Derrick

09.00-10.00 PST (17.00-18.00 GMT)

The impact of the Challenger Mindset

Feedback from past courses

  • "Challenger ID was a real eye-opener for me, not least in explaining that challenger thinking starts with people, not brands. The course gives you really practical advice that helps you to embody that challenger spirit within your company, and beyond."

    Philip Denington, Transferwise

  • “After taking the Challenger ID course I feel much better equipped to approach the challenges that the pandemic has caused in the world of marketing and travel."

    Morwenna Francis, easyJet

  • "This was exactly what was needed for my team as we traverse these tricky times. To come out the other side of all this turmoil successfully means a change in attitude and behaviours, which Challenger ID provided."

    Jonathan Liu, GLH